Monday 4 June 2012

Elementary School Teacher Job Description and Duties

Students grow attached to their elementary school teachers. We all have realized later in life the importance they had in shaping up our career and the confidence we gained unknowingly. That is the biggest benefit of schooling. You are amongst the same age group people, all wearing the same uniform and taught by the same teacher. Students hardly realize the teachers' value until later in life may be after they complete their college session.
School Teacher

We shall now see the responsibilities of the elementary school teacher job description in the following segment:

  • The primary duty of an elementary school teacher is to enforce certain rules for the students in and outside the class. The beginning of discipline begins from early stages of school and that is how they develop respect for the seniors
  • This includes setting timeline for completing home assignments, attendance, giving leave applications, etc.
  • Designing the syllabus and planning the completion of the same depends on them
  • It is the elementary school teacher's responsibility to be up to date with the latest syllabus and incorporate them in their own syllabic
Prepare for Competition
  • Incorporating a healthy competitive spirit is important in the class to prepare the students for further cut throat competition when they set out to face the outside world in their individual chosen fields of profession
  • There are different examinations conducted by different institutions for students of every grade and it is the teacher's responsibility to contact them and encourage the students to participate
  • Preparing the students also include taking extra classes to cope up with the syllabus of such competition
Administrative Duties
  • Contact institutions for conducting some workshop or deliver guest lectures on the professional trend and future opportunities, etc.
  • Update some records in the official documents, ensure that the school property and teaching aides are properly used and maintained in good condition
Other Duties
  • Elementary teachers have to keep records of the attendance of students, monitor their performance, update their guardians or parents about their progress and problem areas, etc.
  • Conduct parents - teachers meetings regularly and talk to them about the students performance and future
These were some basic responsibilities and job description that you will find in the advertisements for the said designation. The thing that matters more in getting this job is the personality traits the recruiters gauge in you. A teacher should be receptive, patient and have sound knowledge of their subject to be in a position to teach the students.

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