Wednesday 18 April 2012

Job Description for Administrative Assistant

Administrative jobs are hectic and especially so when you are in an assistant's job profile. It becomes a must to know the exact job description when searching and applying for a job. Besides, having an exact know how about the requirements for the profile is also reflected in the process of resume writing by a candidate.There are different requirements for the same designation in different organizations.
Administrative Assistant
Variety of Tasks

Administrative assistant job responsibilities most commonly include correspondence, written as well announcements within the organization. So, good communication skills and language are the basic requirements for the job. One also needs to do a fair amount of analysis of the policies being implemented by the management authorities and the workability of the same with respect to the clients or employees.

Office Architecture

Depending on different companies, administrative assistants have to look after the layout of the office furnitures to arranging the electrical equipments, halls for meetings, etc. They also have to take care of the pantry or mess requirements, place order for the same, verify them on delivery, attend those people, look after the machines or equipments, etc.

Management's Assistant

Assisting the management in every step they take, for example, whether it is implementing some new policy for sanctioning leaves, maintaining some records, keeping a track of meetings, etc. They are expected to be up to date and well informed about the rules and regulations, as well as have the capability to handle queries and solve problems at their level.


A certain amount of troubleshooting ability is expected out of administrative assistants; problem solving ability goes hand in hand too. Analyzing the problem and coming up with appropriate solutions is also a part of the administrative assistant job description.

Being Abreast

Well, this one is again dependent on the organization you are in. It is necessary to be updated with the professional requirements that come up from time to time. For example, one is required to be able to handle accounts section in the absence of the accountants in case of filing an urgent report.

Team Player

It is about being a complete team player, as these professionals not only have to represent the employers to the employees, but also speak on their behalf when it comes to communicating something important. So they have to maintain the fine balance between professionalism and personal communication.

Thus, these were a gist of the administrative assistant job description, but do keep in mind that it is dependent on the designation and strength of the company. Know the job profile well to be able to negotiate the terms and conditions as well as the salary during the interview.