Thursday 13 December 2012

What not to Wear on a Job Interview

“First impression is the last impression” is well said. As we all know, clothes we wear reflect our personality. So it’s important to choose proper attire for job interview. During interview, employer will judge you based on your attire. Therefore, job seeker must dress professionally for job interview irrespective of work environment. Every job seeker would like to leave best impression on recruiter's mind. Don't dare to forget that your professional presence really matters if you wanna grab the job opportunity. Just be aware with the fact that for one job position there are many contenders and you have to be at best and conservative side. Any potential employer needs knowledgeable and smart person with good personality to join him. Hence, formal attire holds important role during job interview. Below are certain guidelines of what to avoid for job interview to nail it successfully:


  • For women, one of the formal attire is skirt. Beware that your skirts must be enough long to cover your thighs when seated and short enough till knees.
  • Bare legs and fisher net pantyhose must be avoided. Women must choose neutral color pantyhose that complement their suit.
  • Men must surely wear tie on formal shirt to have professional get-up. Red and burgundy are the best tie colors chosen by many men. Tie must have conservative pattern, must be made of silk. Be sure that your tie's width must not be greater than 3 inches.
  • Men and women must not wear clothes that are bright and large patterned. They must not have any advertising.
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable. If women are not comfortable with foreign attire, they can opt for traditional clothes.
  • But traditional clothes must be simple in design. 
  • Don't show off your underwear.
  • For those women who opt for skirts, blouse must not be short to show off your cleavage or belly.
  • Stained clothes can leave bad impression on recruiter's mind.


  • Both men and women are crazy about tattoos and piercing. As said earlier your professional presence matters, do avoid showing your fashion skills to recruiter.
  • Jewelry is the thing for which women are crazy about. Just be simple, wear only what is needed. Some women have more than one piercing on ears and therefore wear more than one set of earrings. 
  • Excessive jewelry can let you down.
  • Men are suggested not to wear any jewelry.


  • Shoes and socks must be matching in color.
  • Men must see that socks length must be enough to cover their leg's flesh when seated.
  • Women must wear shoes with fair heels and must avoid open toed footwear.


  • Carry your credentials or portfolio in proper briefcase or holder. Casual funny bags must be avoided. It is suggested that women must not carry their purses.
  • Today, many of us use goggles while traveling. Before entering the interview cabin, don't forget to remove the same. If you dare to leave goggle on your head, then be strong enough to lose the job opportunity.
  • Both men and women must wear simple watch. That's it. Wearing bracelets is not allowed for making good impression.
  • Perfume used must not be too strong such that it irritates recruiter.
  • You must leave all your accessories like iPot, earphones, etc in your briefcase before going for interview.


  • Excessive makeup must be avoided. Makeup must match your professional attire.
  • Bright polished long nails don't match with formal look. Nails must be clean and trimmed to proper length.
  • Hair color which is not natural must be avoided by men and women.
  • Both men and women must dress their hair in simple way.